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Storage Conveyors

Modern waste sorting plants tend to increasingly automate the process, in order to reduce production down time and labour costs. Storage conveyors allow the storage of a certain amount of already selected material for a limited period of time, optimising the hourly production of the machines at the end of process (e.g. balers). Read more...
Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors are supplied in two versions:
  • SLIDING BELT CONVEYOR (standard version) MAIN USES: They convey light to medium materials, paper, plastic, cardboard and light packaging resulting from sorting and multi-material collection.
  • ROLLER CONVEYOR (heavy version) MAIN USE: They convey medium heavy materials, paper, RSU, composting material or industrial waste.
Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors come in 2 versions:
  • Chain conveyor with rubber belt (standard version)
  • Chain conveyor with metal slats (heavy version)
They consist of 2 parallel chains on which 5/8 mm thick sheet metal slats are bolted, profiled to form a continuous conveying bed for material transport. The slats of the rubber belt version are positioned at a predetermined distance; the rubber belt bolted to the slats themselves, contains the waste avoiding any loss. Read more...