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Dust Extraction

Dust extraction on premises where waste is treated, has become a well-established practice, to protect the health of workers as well as simply meet production needs.

Our Company provides extraction and filtration systems, used in various industrial sectors, in particular in the field of waste selection, to complete the sorting system.

They usually consist of self-cleaning BAG FILTERS with a sturdy, modular construction. Bags are cleaned by a means of strong jets of compressed air, which are timed automatically by special electronic boards.  The filtering fabric is chosen according to the properties and amount of the dust to be filtered.

The filtering surface required can be determined roughly with the following equation: S[m²] = Q/(60xV) where Q = airflow (m³/h) and V = permitted speed through the filtering fabric (m/1). The value V is usually chosen in the range 0.5 to 4 m/l depending on the nature and amount of dust.

Accessories for Bag Filters


The dust removal screws, required to discharge dust when the size of the bag filter doesn’t allow direct discharge into a rotary valve, usually have a ‘V’-shaped part flanged directly into the dust collection hopper, and a ‘V’-shaped or ‘tubular’ section upstream.


  • Rotation control
  • Inspection hatch on discharge
  • Screw with dual feed direction for discharging in the middle instead of at the end
  • Version with two or multiple screws for dust that tends to compact

Use: to convey filtered dust to a collection container.


Our dust vacuum systems usually features medium/high – pressure fans with backward-bladed impellers, which are more efficient, in order to minimize energy  consumption. Where possible, fans are installed downstream from the bag filter, so that dust or pieces of material contained in the air stream are not sent through them. Belt drive or coupled directly to the motor. A fan should always be chosen based on the theoretical pressure difference required, multiplied by a suitable multiplication factor. Keeping the sound level down is usually a major concern and this is achieved preferably by using larger fans with a lower rpm.


  • Antivibration mounts
  • Compensator on delivery and suction side
  • Silencers
  • Sound proof housing


To complete a plant od dust extraction also tubes, exhaust fans, downpipes, air lock shutters, silencers and flues for expulsion of purified air are supplied.

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