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Vibrating Feeder

The task of the vibrating feeder is to feed and at the same time distribute  the transported material being carried more uniformly over the surface so that the downstream machines, such as ballistic separators, air separators or optical separators can work more efficiently. The vibrating feeder usually receives material from a conveyor belt and feeds the following machine with a continuous and homogeneous layer of product.

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Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors come in 2 versions:

  • Chain conveyor with rubber belt (standard version)
  • Chain conveyor with metal slats (heavy version)

They consist of 2 parallel chains on which 5/8 mm thick sheet metal slats are bolted, profiled to form a continuous conveying bed for material transport. The slats of the rubber belt version are positioned at a predetermined distance; the rubber belt bolted to the slats themselves, contains the waste avoiding any loss.

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Dust Extraction

Dust extraction on premises where waste is treated, has become a well-established practice, to protect the health of workers as well as simply meet production needs.

Our Company provides extraction and filtration systems, used in various industrial sectors, in particular in the field of waste selection, to complete the sorting system.

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Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors are supplied in two versions:

  • SLIDING BELT CONVEYOR (standard version)
    MAIN USES: They convey light to medium materials, paper, plastic, cardboard and light packaging resulting from sorting and multi-material collection.
  • ROLLER CONVEYOR (heavy version)
    MAIN USE: They convey medium heavy materials, paper, RSU, composting material or industrial waste.

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Storage Conveyors

Modern waste sorting plants tend to increasingly automate the process, in order to reduce production down time and labour costs.

Storage conveyors allow the storage of a certain amount of already selected material for a limited period of time, optimising the hourly production of the machines at the end of process (e.g. balers).

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Drum Screen

Drum screen (or trommel screen) allows dimensional sorting of incoming material into two or more fractions. They can be placed individually or in cascade (primary and secondary screen) to obtain successive sorting refinements.
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Ballistic Separator

The ballistic separator performs an effective separation of waste according to different physical characteristics. This separation, known as gravimetric, is one of the main tasks before sending the waste to the manual/automatic sorting phase. The ballistic separator classifies the flow of material into three fractions: heavy and rolling fraction (called 3D), flat and light fraction (called 2D) and the sieved fraction (or underscreen fine fraction).

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Air Separator

The air separator, or aeraulic separator, allows to separate dimensionally a waste stream in an efficient way, whether they are dry recycled fractions, plastics, paper / cardboard or other types of waste. The separation is done by a controlled air flow, which allows to split the waste according to density and form factor in light fraction and heavy fraction.

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Waste Sorting Plants

Parini srl, thanks to three decades of experience in the waste sorting business, both as a manufacturer of waste sorting machinery and as supplier of turnkey waste sorting facilities, offers its Customers a wide specific know-how in the industry. This experience gained over the years in the field allows us to follow the Customer from the definition of the specifications and the preliminary study of the plant, to the final design and the construction, until the installation and the after-sales support.

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